Criminal Law

Few things in life are more frightening than being the subject of a criminal investigation or indictment.  Representation by an experienced criminal attorney is crucial to understanding the criminal justice process and obtaining the best possible outcome.  Our attorneys have more than eighty years of experience between them representing individuals and companies charged with every level of criminal offense.

Our clients have included professional athletes, business executives, judges, police officers, clergy, doctors, lawyers, college students and many others.

We have significant experience with the media and have been involved in numerous high profile cases.

One of the most important elements to the successful resolution of a criminal investigation is early representation, in order to avoid the inadvertent or deliberate waiver of constitutional rights.  The sooner you call us, the sooner we can begin to protect your rights and minimize any adverse consequences.

Our attorneys have represented individuals at every court level, including the following representative types of offenses and specific examples of representation:

Federal Court  State Court Municipal Court
Tax Evasion Drug Abuse/Trafficking Domestic Violence
Drug Offenses Sexual Assault Driving While Impaired
Weapons Offenses Child Endangering Driving Under Suspension
Illegal Re-entry after Deportation Tampering/Obstruction Underage Possession of Alcohol
Mortgage Fraud Mortgage Fraud Assault
Public Corruption Burglary Trespass
False Statements Robbery Traffic Offenses
Mail & Wire Fraud Felonious Assault Telephone Harassment
Conspiracy Theft Disorderly Conduct
Child Pornography Child Pornography Drug Paraphernalia
Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Homicide

• Representation of 17 year old high school girl convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight years in adult prison, in post trial and appellate proceedings resulting in the reduction of her sentence to probation

• Representation of mortgage broker in defense of 269 count mortgage fraud indictment resulting in a sentence of six months incarceration while similarly complicit co-defendants were sentenced to seven years in prison

• Representation of general counsel of Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority in defense of indictment charging obstruction of justice resulting in acquittal after jury trial

• Representation of pharmacist charged with 17 counts of drug trafficking, resolved by a plea to two misdemeanors and probation

• Representation of diverse defendants in prosecutions arising out of the federal government’s investigation of public corruption in Cuyahoga County

• Representation of four different defendants convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, in appellate and post conviction proceedings resulting in the vacation of their convictions and sentences

• Pool counsel to employees of entities involved with criminal or regulatory investigations.

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